Unique guestbook alternatives

With all the other things to think about in the run-up to the big day, it’s understandable that many couples may spend little time thinking about their guestbook. However, long after the wedding day is over, newlyweds will appreciate having a memento of the people that made their day so special.

Instead of having your guests sign a traditional guestbook that will likely get lost on a bookshelf, we’ve come up with a list of pretty, personalized and purposeful options that you’ll want to have and to hold forever.

Globe with writing on it
Join the jet-set

A globe guestbook is a unique option that reflects your love of travel and your new journey together as a married couple. Your guests can decorate the globe with heartfelt messages and wishes for you on your journey as a newly-married couple! This creative guestbook alternative is a great option for avid travellers. You can also paint the globe in a colour that matches your home's colour scheme, so you can showcase this special piece of décor for many years to come.

Puzzle in the shape of a heart
Puzzle piece of my heart

Now that you’ve found your missing piece, it’s time to start another puzzle! When your guests arrive at your reception, have them sign their name and message on a plain puzzle piece and place their piece in a jar. Once you’re back at home, you’ll have fun putting your personalized puzzle pieces together while reading your guests’ messages. Afterwards, you can frame your masterpiece or jumble the pieces to put them together again later.

Polaroids on a table by the beach Photo: Adventure Photography
Smile for the camera

All you need for this interactive guestbook is a polaroid camera, a marker and camera-ready friends and family! This interactive photo station is a fun way for guests to spice up their messages. You can customize your photo station with photo props and guests can add captions to the bottom of their photo. You can show off the photos by asking your guests to pin the prints along a clothesline to or compile them into a photo album keepsake!

Glass jar filled with handwritten notes
Be my inspiration

Inspiration jars encourage your guests to get creative in their congratulations. You can offer colour-coded slips with different categories; for example, your happily married friends might want to jot down their words of wisdom, avid-adventurers can include their bucket-list musts for you to try and your nearest and dearest can share their favourite memories of the two of you! Your guests can even help you avoid the dreaded question of “What should we do tonight?” with clever date night ideas! Not only will your guests have fun writing their messages, but you and your partner will love opening the surprise notes to see what they wrote!

Shadow box surrounded by flowers Photo: Cristina Gisselle Gonzalez Flores
In your shadow

Shadow boxes are an easy – and artistic – way to display your guests’ well wishes! Your guests can sign or decorate a token and then drop it into the shadow box covered with clear glass. By the end of the evening, your shadow box will be filled with a mixture of fun messages! The best part about this guestbook alternative is you can completely customize it to suit your style, by using colourful or wooden tokens and frames in various shapes, to ensure it looks beautiful hanging in your home.

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