Tanning tips and tricks for the ultimate wedding day glow

Want to achieve that perfect wedding day glow without a painful burn or mismatched tan lines? Airbrush tanning provides a polished glow without the risks of harmful UV rays or unsightly tan lines. We asked Nicole Hyatt, tanning expert and founder of Tan on the Run, to put together some top tips for achieving the perfect tan glow your big day in paradise.

Trial tan run

To make sure you get the look you want and don’t end up the wrong shade in your wedding photos, book a trial tan at least two weeks before your big day. Try to book your trial tan at the same time as your makeup and hair trial to make sure everything goes well together – the last thing you want is a too-dark tan with bright pink cheeks and lips!

Do your research

The golden rule for spray tanning is that less is more and one shade does not fit all – so do your research before hitting the salon. Think about what coverage you want and how dark you want to go. You’ll also want to consider whether you care about tan lines that will likely be covered by your wedding day outfit anyways.

Go with a pro

You want your tan to look natural to achieve the perfect glow and a spray tan booth just isn’t going to give you the right coverage or colour (unless you want to look like an Oompa Loompa on your big day). A certified airbrush tan artist will make sure your glow is so natural that no one will know you didn’t get it lounging by the pool!

Plan accordingly

To avoid discolouration, rashes and red marks, plan any other services – like manicures, pedicures and waxing – in advance of your spray tan. You should wait at least 24 hours post-waxing before you get your spray tan to avoid any irritation.


If you’re new to spray tanning, opt for the express tan and shower two hours after getting sprayed. And don’t worry, your tan won’t rub off on your wedding day attire!

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