Packing for your destination wedding: Tips & Tricks

The dresses and suits have been bought, the ceremony has been planned and the flights are only a few days away, now all you have to do is start packing! If you find yourself staring at your open suitcase wondering how (and what) to pack for your destination wedding, you’re in luck. We put together some of our top tips on packing for your special week in paradise! Plus, when you book with Sunwing Weddings, you’ll receive our exclusive packing checklist included with all our wedding packages.

Wedding dress and two bridesmaids dresses on hangars Photo: Photography by Elvira
Pack your wedding outfits in garment bags

First things first – the wedding outfits! You don’t have to worry about packing your wedding dress or suit in your checked baggage if you’re flying on Sunwing Airlines. Your wedding outfit will travel like a VIP with our Wedding Couple Attire Care Program. Pack your wedding attire in a garment bag and carry it on to the plan, it will then be stored in a specially dedicated overhead bin. You’ll even get to pre-board the plane to secure your precious cargo!

Group of women posing in the pool Photo: Just Klick Productions
Bring an outfit for every event

If you’re hosting extra events throughout your wedding week, you’ll want to make sure you’ve packed outfits for every occasion. From the welcome party to the rehearsal dinner, the bachelor/bachelorette bash and the after-party, review your wedding week itinerary and pack accordingly. When it comes to shoes, we recommend packing one or two pairs of fancier shoes in a neutral colour that will go with every outfit – you’ll likely end up being barefoot or in flip flops most of the time anyway.

Wedding reception with flowers and candles
Don’t forget your décor

One of our top tips for couples is to bring some décor from home to customize their big day – from votive candles and place cards to string lights and photo frames. Keep your décor organized by storing it in Ziploc bags and if any of your materials are breakable, make sure to wrap them in protective bubble wrap. Paper materials should be stored in a hard case (like a cardboard box) so they don’t get bent or damaged.

Overhead view of a shirt, flip flops and purse
Bring the essentials in your carry-on

Make sure you’re packing the essentials – like your wedding paperwork, wedding rings, any prescription medication and jewellery – in your carry-on bag. We also recommend bringing one swimsuit and a change of clothes, just in case you arrive at your resort before check-in time.

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