Falling for florals with Caspar Haydar

Wedding décor trends are constantly evolving but florals are always in style! A timeless décor staple, florals can elevate your wedding aesthetic and bring your big day to full bloom. From luscious bouquets and picture-perfect floral walls to elaborate installations, the options for unique and gorgeous destination wedding floral designs are endless.

To help inspire your wedding look, we sat down to chat with floral and design expert Caspar Haydar. The Australia native grew up surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful flora and fauna which fueled his love for floral design and continues to inspire his work today. Known for his impeccable taste and creative eye, Caspar shared his thoughts on the latest floral trends, from what you should embrace or avoid to designing wow-worthy wedding.

Lounge area surrounded by lush foliage and pastel flowers

What flowers do you recommend for destination weddings?

I always suggest using locally grown flowers for a destination wedding. This adds an authentic charm to your wedding décor and can help you stretch your budget much further than importing florals from home.

How can couples incorporate flowers into their destination wedding décor?

There are many great ways that you can incorporate flowers into your wedding décor! In addition to classic options such as centrepieces and bouquets, you can create delicate floral hair accessories for your bridesmaids or create a lush floral wall that’s perfect for photo opportunities.

Personally, I love dramatic floral arches. They create a stunning frame for your vows and first kiss and can be repurposed as eye-catching reception décor.

Dinner table with glamorous candles and white floral arrangements

Do you have any tips for saving on wedding florals?

A simple way to save on florals for your destination wedding is to work with a local florist that can help you source locally grown flowers that are in season. In terms of cost-effective arrangements, you can swap elaborate centrepieces for bud vases filled with one or two single stem roses.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite floral trends?

Roses are a forever trend for me especially en masse, which are large-scale instillations created using clusters of long-stemmed roses. I’ve also been loving using pampas grass to add drama and height and playing around with the unique texture of ranunculus.

What floral trends do you think are outdated?

I think that floral crowns and mason jars have had their day.

Side by side images of flower arrangements in gold vases

What’s your favourite floral combination?

Definitely roses, peonies and ranunculus.

How soon should couples start planning their wedding florals?

This depends on the size of your wedding, but generally I would suggest starting to plan your wedding florals at least nine to 12 months before your big day.

What is a standard floral budget for a destination wedding?

Your floral budget really depends on your venue and wedding vision. Many resorts include basic wedding flowers, but you can always upgrade for more elaborate florals. With a destination wedding, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of your floral budget, for example you can save money by working with a florist in destination and using locally sourced flowers or fly in a designer and florals from home for an added cost.

Outdoor terrace decorated with floral arrangements

Where do you suggest couples look for wedding floral inspiration?

I always suggest couples start with florals that mean something to them. This could mean choosing flowers based on their symbolic meaning or flowers they have a personal connection to, perhaps something that reminds them of a favourite person or place, season permitting of course.

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