Destination wedding nails with CND

Thanks to your sparkling new wedding band, your hands (and nails) are sure to be in the spotlight on your big day. To help you get them prepped and pretty, we reached out to CND™ Education Ambassadors and asked them to tell us about this season’s most popular polish trends and other top tips. Here’s their advice to help ensure that when your partner asks for your hand in marriage your nails look flawless.

Woman having her nails painted

What are the benefits of shellac over regular polish for the big day?

The best part of a CND™ SHELLAC™ manicure is that you can have your nails done a few days in advance and feel confident that your beautiful, high shine manicure will still be perfect for your big day and beyond. Most Shellac manicures last for about two weeks, which means brides can keep calm knowing their nails will still look great on their honeymoon. Plus, Shellac improves the look of natural nails by adding a thin coat that has zero dry time and greatly diminishes imperfections, for a perfect manicure every time.

What are some popular nail polish colours for brides?

Colour preference can be as personal as scents so we offer a wide range of shades to suit each bride’s unique style. Our most popular shades of Shellac and Vinylux for brides are nudes and neutrals such as Field Fox, Uncovered Unlocked and Satin Pajamas. When choosing your shade, take your time and try multiple hues to find the right nude polish for your skin tone, this will give your nails timeless elegance.

Bottles of nail polish

Can you recommend any trendy nail designs for brides-to-be?

There are so many fantastic ways to dress up your bridal nails. Try a nude shade such as Unlocked and add a white lace design to the nails using Cream Puff. Trendy brides may also like a soft ombre nail design using Uncovered and Studio White. Brides that love bling can beautifully accent their nails by adding a few rhinestones in the cuticle area.

Where do you recommend brides look for nail inspiration?

There are so many wonderful places to view bridal manicures online. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for beautiful bridal nails, but it’s always a good idea to check in with your nail professional in advance and give them some time to work out the design. Salons usually keep a lot of nail design images on hand for brides to browse, and most even have Instagram accounts to showcase their dazzling designs.

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