Destination wedding mythbusters

Week-long celebrations in the sun and breathtaking ocean backdrops are just a few of the reasons why destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Yet, for some couples, the idea of tying the knot down south can feel daunting. How would they arrange all the details for their big day, coordinate travel for their families, deal with the legalities?

To help, we decided to clear up these common misconceptions and show you how planning your destination wedding can be a tropical breeze!

Dessert tables with cakes, cupcakes and champagne

Myth #1: Resort packages are cookie-cutter and not personal

Reality: Everything can be customized, from the décor to the menu

A very common destination wedding myth is that all destination weddings are the same and that you only have a few options to choose from based on “one-stop-shop” wedding packages. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Destination weddings are customizable to your personal style and tastes. Your destination wedding planner is available to help you personalize every aspect of your big day, from the venue and décor to the menu and more, by communicating your vision to your on-site coordinator and vendors.

For example, at Royalton Punta Cana Resort and Casino, couples can choose from an array of packages to suit a variety of styles and budgets and several religious service offerings. Additionally, couples have from an extensive menu of add-on experiences to customize their celebration, from late-night food stations and candy bars to a private disco complete with a DJ and an open bar and more.

Wedding ceremony on a rooftop overlooking the ocean

Myth #2: I have to get married barefoot on the beach

Reality: Most resorts offer a wide variety of beautiful venue options to suit all types of wedding styles

Although getting married on the beach is a popular trend for many destination weddings, brides not into the beach Boho chic look should not despair. Many resorts offer gorgeous ceremony venues other than the beach such as garden gazebos, elegant terraces and breathtaking indoor spaces. For example, the Sky Terrace at Planet Hollywood Beach Resort Costa Rica is a stunning ceremony space that’s both formal and intimate and offers striking ocean views. In addition, even beach weddings can be conducted on a boardwalk, so you can still pack those killer heels!

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Myth #3: I have to organize travel for my guests and travel research takes too much time

Reality: Your destination wedding consultant can help arrange all your research and travel

Destination wedding packages can also include all travel arrangements! This can make it easy when you are looking to unite family members from coast to coast in one place. If you’re travelling as a group you may also benefit from some additional perks depending on your group size such as dedicated private transfers, pre-allocated rooms together and more. We book the entire package from the airport transfers to the accommodation and the ceremony – we can even add on excursions for your wedding group. You’ll also benefit from our preferred rates with our extensive network of resorts and vendors in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

Aerial view of a beachfront resort

Myth #4: Having a destination wedding means I won’t have a honeymoon

__Reality: Destination wedding couples can enjoy a pre-moon and a honeymoon in destination __

Many couples choose to take advantage of the fact that they’re already in destination and extend their stay at their original resort or relocate to a new resort after the ceremony to enjoy a change of scenery. Your destination wedding consultant can assist you in arranging your resort stays and recommend the perfect place for your romantic escape.

A popular option for honeymoons is the adults only Riu Palace Baja California that overlooks Los Cabos’ famous arch from its stunning rooftop lounge. Next door is the more family-friendly Riu Santa Fe with water park; making this a great option for those couples looking to cater to all tastes.

Restaurant inside a cave

Myth #5: My guests with food allergies and diet restrictions won’t have food options available

Reality: Resorts offer a wide selection of dining options for all tastes and diets

Most resorts can accommodate specific dietary restrictions or allergies within your group when you discuss your needs with your destination wedding consultant during the planning process. To allow the resort to prepare accordingly, it’s best to have all your guest’s food allergies and restrictions carefully tracked and provided to the resort well in advance. For example, Hotel Xcaret Mexico offers an assortment of dining options to suit all travellers such as Bio, an elegant vegan and vegetarian restaurant nestled in a cave overlooking the beach.

Menu, plate and cutlery on a table Photo: Fable Studios

Myth #6: Resorts have limited dining options, offering only buffet-style restaurants

Reality: Resorts offer a wide selection of gourmet dining options

Your destination wedding consultant can recommend an array of resorts that offer gourmet dining options; from elegant steakhouses and unique fusion restaurants to Michelin-starred venues and more. For example, El Dorado Royale A Spa Resort by Karisma offers a Gourmet All Inclusive® concept where wedding groups can look forward to meals prepared by world-class chefs using the freshest and finest ingredients locally sourced from the resort’s greenhouse.

Bride and groom at their wedding reception by the ocean Photo: Daniel McQuillan Photography

Myth #7: The heat will make our wedding day uncomfortable

__Reality: There are many ways to ensure a comfortable tropical experience __

Hosting your ceremony later in the day and your reception dinner at sunset when the sun isn’t as strong is a common practice that will help you and your guests stay comfortable on your wedding day. If you prefer, you can also celebrate indoors. Many resorts offer stunning indoor reception venue options to accommodate all sorts of group sizes, such as Majestic Colonial Punta Cana’s glamorous ballroom that holds up to 300 guests.

Wedding reception on the beach at sunset

Myth #8: My destination wedding colour scheme needs to be bright and tropical

Reality: You can customize your colour palette to your taste

Even though you’re celebrating in a tropical destination, your wedding colour palette doesn’t have to match the tropical vibe. Whether you prefer a neutral or a bold colour scheme, resort décor vendors and florists offer a wide array of colours to help bring your décor vision to life. In fact, neutral colour schemes are very popular for destination weddings.

Bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen walking arm-in-arm along the beach Photo: Fostered Photo

Myth #9: If I get legally married in destination, it won’t be recognized in Canada

Reality: You can choose from both legal and symbolic ceremonies

Legal weddings overseas are recognized in Canada and the United States. Your destination wedding consultant can help you choose the right ceremony type and will be a valuable resource for explaining all of the legal requirements or paperwork (if needed) to you in advance, as these may vary by country.

Myth #10: My partner and I need to have even wedding parties

Reality: Your wedding parties can be as big or as small as you like

It’s very common for couples to have uneven wedding parties. Your destination wedding consultant can help you determine your processional order to ensure your wedding march looks seamless. For photos with your wedding party, your photographer can help you find the best way to organize your group or you can find lots of wedding photography inspiration on our Pinterest, Instagram and Real Weddings blogs.

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