Destination-inspired wedding entertainment

One of the (many) great things about hosting a destination wedding is that you can offer up unique entertainment options that you likely wouldn’t get back home. It’s also a great way to incorporate your destination’s culture, traditions and specialties into your wedding day!

To help you get on top of this growing trend, we put together a sampling of some of our favourite destination-inspired entertainment options that are sure to wow your guests.

Pro-tip: Your Destination Wedding Consultant can help you coordinate add-on entertainment options for your big day, whether it’s through your resort or with external vendors.

Fire dancers on the beach Photo: Photography by Elvira
Fire dancers in Mexico

Add a few more sparks and glow to your big day in Mexico by having fire dancers perform during your reception. Dating back to the Aztecs in Central Mexico, fire dancing is a popular form of entertainment where skilled entertainers use juggling, fire eating and more to put on a jaw-dropping show. The flames look especially stunning on the beach at night! Make sure to have your wedding photographer take a few photos of you and your new husband or wife with the fire dancers in the background.

Reggae band playing on the beach
Reggae rhythms in Jamaica

Sound systems and DJs are great, but why not elevate your cocktail hour with a live reggae band? Live music is an exciting way to incorporate your destination’s culture and rhythms into your wedding day. Give your family and friends a taste of the sounds of Jamaica and get them ready to hit the dance floor before your reception. Your guests can sip on cocktails and sample tasty hors d’oeuvres as they listen to the laidback island rhythms of a reggae band.

Colourful glasses and bottles of tequila
Tequila toasts in Mexico

A tequila tasting is a perfect experience for couples tying the knot in Mexico – from where this smooth drink, made of blue agave, originates. You and your guests can enjoy your very own tequila tasting during your cocktail hour or reception dinner where you’ll get to taste different varieties and learn about their origins. You can even incorporate some of the tequila you sample into your signature drink like a ‘Marry Me Margarita’.

Bride and groom dancing together
First dance with flair in Cuba

The first dance is a time-honoured tradition for weddings both at home and in destination. While most first dances tend to be slow and simple, choreographed first dances are a great way to make a statement as a couple and incorporate a bit of your chosen destination’s culture into your wedding day. Cuba is the home of several popular dance styles including the rumba, salsa, mambo and cha-cha-cha. Surprise your guests by learning a choreographed Cuban routine for your first dance – you can either take professional dance lessons back home or see if your resort offers some.

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