Ask the wedding consultant: Wedding planning edition

The wedding planning process leaves newly-engaged couples with many questions. That’s why we’ve sat down with Meghan Jakubowski, Senior Manager at Sunwing Weddings, and asked her to answer some of the most pressing questions that couples have when starting to plan their big day in paradise. From where to begin to picking the perfect day for your wedding and additional events that you can host throughout your week in the tropics, read on to see what Meghan had to say.

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We just got engaged and are thinking about having a destination wedding. Where do we event start?

There are three main questions to consider when you begin the wedding planning process:

First, where do you want to get married? Research various destinations and try to narrow your list down to a couple of top picks based on your wedding vision, what location suits you as a couple, your travel style, etc.

Second, what price are you comfortable with asking your friends and family to spend on their travel? This information will help narrow down your destination and hotel options. Put out some feelers and try to get a rough idea of what price range works for your loved ones.

Third, when would you like to get married? Prices vary depending on the time of year, meaning you’re more likely to score a better price if your dates are flexible. It’s important to decide this early on to give your guests plenty of time to plan accordingly.

Once you’ve given some thought to these questions, your Wedding Vacations Consultant can help make hotel recommendations that suit your needs, secure flight and hotel bookings and start working on all of the details that will bring your wedding day vision to life.

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Typically, what are the most popular months for destination weddings?

In our experience, November and May are the most popular months for destination weddings. Both months fall just outside of peak season for a majority of destinations across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, meaning there’s a high chances of scoring a great price and having beautiful weather. Plus, many people are eager to take a vacation to the tropics as the weather gets colder making November an especially popular choice.

What type of events can I plan to entertain my guests throughout the week?

One of the most common events that wedding couples choose to plan is a welcome cocktail party. Whether you host a private event or just opt to meet at one of the hotel’s all inclusive bars, it’s a great way to kick off your vacation and an opportunity for friends and family from both sides to get to know each other better before the big day.

Another popular option is organizing a group excursion such as a catamaran cruise to help your guests experience your destination and thank them for joining you on your wedding vacation!

Some hotels also offer add-on experience packages such as the Riu Social Packages for couples who wish to host their bachelor/bachelorette parties a few days before the wedding.

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Is it realistic to plan a destination wedding on a budget?

Absolutely! How much you spend on your destination wedding is up to you and really depends on what you envision for your big day. Your wedding can be as budget-friendly or as extravagant as you want it to be, with costs ranging from just a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many factors involved such as number of guests attending, your décor and entertainment preferences, however your Destination Wedding Consultant will work with you to help bring your wedding vision to life within your desired budget and make recommendations on budget-friendly alternatives!

Typically, weddings are held on the weekend – does this apply to destination weddings or can I host my celebrations on a week day?

One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that you’re on vacation, so the weekend tradition no longer applies, and you can host your destination wedding any day of the week!

That being said, some resorts have policies about what day you can host your wedding based on when you arrive in destination and others charge an additional fee for Sunday weddings. It’s best to discuss resort policies and details with your Wedding Vacations consultant so that you have all the information you need before confirming your wedding date.

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