5 tips and tricks to get that #instaperfect vacation shot

Everyone wants to take spectacular photos on vacation - both to capture the moment for years to come and to share on social media with friends and family back home instantaneously. We reached out to some of our favourite social media influencers for their best tips and tricks on taking the ultimate #VacationGoals Instagram shot. After all, who knows how to capture that perfect moment better than the pros? Here's what they had to say:

Woman taking a picture of tropical sunset Photo: - Francesca Spizzirri @travelista73
Tip #1: Search for the light

Lighting is your best friend! If you're taking pictures outdoors, then early morning, late afternoon and overcast lighting act as the best natural filters so you don't have to over edit.

Francesca is a travel journalist and blogger who is passionate about lifestyle and food. You can find her on Instagram @travelista73.

Man holding giant sprinkle donut Photo: - Jacky Yoh @theeverydayfoodie
Tip #2: Food pics or it didn't happen

Capturing that perfect dish or drink goes hand in hand with travelling these days. Find a pop of colour to focus on and make your delectable pictures come to life. If you didn't post it, did you even eat it?

Jacky is a food blogger a digital content creator. You can find him on Instagram @theeverydayfoodie

Woman in sunglasses sitting by pool Photo: - Veronique Harvey @la_journaliste
Tip #3: Let your camera do the magic

These days, smart phone cameras are so impressive they compete with some of the best cameras in the world - if you know how to use them. Learn how to maximize your phone's fancy features by playing around with its many camera capabilities and practice using different lighting.

Veronique is a lifestyle and travel blogger and a journalist. You can find her on Instagram @la_journaliste

Man standing on deck of a catamaran Photo: - Joshua Langston @joshuadlangston
Tip #4: Three's the magic number

Turn the grid function on your phone's camera and use the rule of thirds. When you place your photo's focal point along one of the four points that intersect on the grid, the off-centre placement is more pleasing to the eye.

Joshua Langston is a fashion, lifestyle and travel writer. You can find him on Instagram @joshuadlangston.

Woman holding a drink by the deck of a sparkling pool Photo: - Caroline Elie @caroline.elie
Tip #5: Let's get personal

Classic panorama shots are pretty, but they don't tell the whole story. Incorporating yourself into the shot makes the moment much more impactful. If you're showing off the beach, include your feet in the sand or include your hand sampling that great meal or savouring a delicious tropical drink.

Caroline is a travel blogger, Editor-in-Chief at Divine Magazine and a correspondent for Global Montreal. You can find her on Instagram @caroline.elie

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