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The coral reefs around Bonaire have been protected for over 35 years, making it the most pristine diving experience in the Caribbean, while recieving numerous awards as a top diving destination! With over 470 species of fish, incredible visibility, and plenty of shore diving, Bonaire is perfect for beginners and experts with amazing underwater photography, and numerous courses and certifications.

Destination Highlights

Located just north of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean (and outside of hurricane routes), this Dutch island offers arguably the best diving around. The tip of an underwater mountain, shore and boat diving is plentiful and within a few hundred yards, at depths of 40 to 60 feet, you'll be surrounded by colorful coral and incredibly diverse marine life. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Visibility

    30 metres up to 100 feet

  • Recommended Training

    Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep Diver, AWARE, & Digital Underwater Photographer

  • Awards 2017

    #1 Shore Diving Destination, Macro Diving, Beginner Diving, and more

  • Water Temperature

    25°C in winter and 29°C in summer

snorkelling and diving experiences

Dive Sites

With year round average temperatures of 28°C, infrequent rainy days, and a diverse, pristine underwater environment, Bonaire provides an abundance of dive sites for all different skill levels and different adventures. There are over 80 dive sites strewn across the island with experts guiding the way to memorable adventures. Here are some dive sites not to be missed

  • 1000 Steps

    Fantastic pagoda-like coral formations, turtles, barracudas, and the occasional whale shark.

  • Hilma Hooker

    Internationally known wreck site of 72 metre frieghter from 1984.

  • Bari Reef

    Easy shore dive and greatest fish diversity with tarpoons, seahorses, octopi, and much more.

  • Salt Pier

    Amazing underwater photography, pillars encrusted in sponges and corals, and large schools of fish.

Must See

The sprawling reef surrounding the island of Bonaire, one of the healthiest in the Caribbean, is home to a number of hidden wonders and amazing sights. From schools of vibrant fish to deep coral canyons to ominous ship wrecks, you'll need to return again and agian if you hope to see everything. Here's our list of the sights you shouldn't miss:

  • Parrot Fish at Andrea 1 & 2

    Ideal for beginners with a wealth of soft coral hiding places for all 3 types of Parrot Fish.

  • Ship anchors and panoramic views at Karpata

    Great visibility and scenery make for amazing photography.

  • The Wonders of Kleine Bonaire

    Visit this uninhabited island for a taste of the four unique dive sites.

  • Fascinating Wrecks

    Discover the mysterious ship wrecks encircling Bonaire, including the Hesper, Coopers Barge, Mari Bahn, and more.

Training & Courses

Known for its longstanding marine preservation initiatives and the reciept of numerous diving accolades, it's no wonder why Bonaire can be considered the diving capital of the Caribbean. With such a reputation, there are plenty of dive centres across the island that provide training for all skill levels and courses for all types of dives, such as:

  • Boat & Shore Diving

    With a split of both types, experience the freedom of shore dives and the thrills of boat dives

  • Diving for kids & the physically challenged

    No matter age or physical ability, dive centres are equipped with experts and facilities to accommodate fun times for most everyone.

  • Technical Diving

    For thrill seekers, push the limits of traditional dive depths and time.

  • Freediving

    For beginners and accomplished divers, explore the underwater world in a new and exciting way.

Marine Life

With near perfect conditions and a true haven for marine life, diving in Bonaire will bring you up close to a huge range of colourful plant and animal life. You won't be able to spot every tropical species camping out here, but be sure to look for these creatures.

  • Caribbean Two-Spot Octopus

    One of the most intelligent invertibrates, these masters of disguise are tricky to spot.

  • Southern Stingray

    Swim along with these gentle and fascinating alien-like creatures

  • Spotted Scorpionfish

    They are beautiful, but if you see one "flashing" keep your distance.

  • Trumpet Fish

    A relative of sea horses, this unassuming fish is a master-hunter of the deep.


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