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Almost completely surrounded by well-preserved coral reefs, walls, and shipwrecks, Antigua provides excellent conditions for some of the most spectacular diving in the world.

Destination Highlights

Discover the deep blue with a diving adventure in Antigua, a tropical oasis surrounded by coral reefs, diving walls and magical shipwrecks. The southern and eastern coasts of Antigua are lined with sea shelves, providing ideal conditions for shallow diving and snorkelling amongst colorful coral and diverse marine life.



    Water Temperature

    Low of 26°C in December to high of 28°C in July

    Dive Depth

    Diving zones are shallow for beginners but there are several sites over 100 feet


    Ideal conditions are from July to November but the climate is consistently warm year-round

Dive Sites

There are four diving locations surrounding the island, each with different sites to explore and many of which offer shallow conditions suitable for beginners. Start your underwater journey at one of the four dive centres located across the island, conveniently situated near the resorts.

  • Carpenter’s Rock

    Well-preserved coral reef, colourful marine life, 65 feet deep

  • Black’s Point

    Large boulders along cliff, calm surface conditions, abundance of fish, 35 feet deep

  • Red Rocks

    Rich coral and whips levelling off on sandy floor, home to nurse sharks, stingrays and eel gardens, 80 feet deep

  • Pillars of Hercules

    Beautiful cliffs on surface, abundance of sea life, sunken anchor, 50 feet deep

Must See

The Montserrat Wreck is a sunken French cargo ship from the 19th century located 140 feet beneath the surface. Experienced divers can penetrate the fascinating wreck as they swim alongside colourful marine life and explore the upright shipwreck.

Marine Life

The reefs circling Antigua are home to an immense variety of tropical fish and marine creatures. Some species frequently seen in Antigua are:

  • Hawksbill, green and leatherback turtles
  • Manta ray, eagle and Southern stingrays
  • Bottlenose and spinner dolphins
  • Reef squid, octopi, angelfish and nurse sharks
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