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The largest of the Honduran Bay islands is also home to the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea. It’s truly an ecological playground for those who crave adventure, and exploring the underwater world—even at night.

Destination Highlights

Deep-sea divers will enjoy the great visibility of up to 150ft (45m), especially in areas like El Aguila which is known to be very popular wreck diving site. While most resorts offer diving for all skill levels, advanced divers will find tons of thrilling adventures in places such as Dolphin Den where you navigate a network of tunnels and canyons that take you from one side of the reef to the other.


    24-45m or 80-150ft

    Water Temperature

    Low of 25°C in winter to high of 29°C in summer

    Dive Depth

    Diving zones progress up to 100ft


    Pleasant dive conditions year round

5 Days 2 Tank Dives Daily

Dive Sites

Roatan is surrounded by pristine reef and suitable for all courses, fun dives, night dives and wreck dives. You'll find a few dive centres dotted around the town, in your hotel or at the marina where all the boats leave from. Check out these Sunwing Experiences.

  • Dolphin Den

    Network of tunnels and canyons that take you from one side of the reef to the other

  • Black Hills

    A seamount that drops to 50m into a trench. See thousands of brightly-coloured fish

  • Haliburton

    A 30m sunken vessel that is teeming with marine life

  • Blackish Point

    Reef is made up of black volcanic rock and soft corals that gradually drops 24m

Must See

The sprawling reef surrounding the island of El Aguila is a favourite site for wreck divers. It`s a 64m sunken cargo vessel and is full of marine life such as garden eels. It`s an easy and fun dive site to explore and you can swim through the ship`s open compartments while looking for tropical fish.

Marine Life

Discover vibrant and colourful coral, multi-coloured tropical fish, sponges as big as refrigerators, and other species such as manta rays, sea turtles, and whale sharks.


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