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Experience Santa Lucia

Fast facts
  • Snorkel in the second-largest coral reef formation
  • Explore the winding streets, colourful houses and restored monuments of the old town
  • Catch sightings of pink flamingo colonies in beautiful lagoons
  • Excellent deep-sea fishing; catch tuna, mahi-mahi or barracuda

Relax along the pristine beaches of Santa Lucia and unwind on tranquil islands that are virtually untouched. A long coral reef formation off the coast, the second largest in the world, offers the opportunity to admire fascinating marine life with excellent diving sites to explore. The reef helps to shelter the beach, making the crystal clear waters calm and perfect for a leisurely swim. Venture into the town centre to learn more about Camaguey's fascinating history full of battles and pirates. Or simply wander around its labyrinth-like streets and brightly-coloured houses. With a well-preserved ecosystem, nature lovers can spot colonies of pink flamingos in beautiful lagoons and iguanas among verdant landscapes. Amateur anglers can challenge themselves with a deep-sea fishing expedition with the opportunity to catch fish like mahi-mahi, barracuda and even tuna.

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Travel tips

National language: Spanish

Currency: CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) . We recommend travellers bring CAD (Canadian Dollars) to exchange to CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso) at their resort. Please avoid bringing damaged or ripped bills for exchange.

Language notes: Hola! While the local language is Spanish, English is widely spoken in resorts and tourist areas.

Voltage: 110V

Travel tips: Canadian devices use 120 V and will work with 110 V. Many resorts have 120 V plugs. For older devices, items using motors or heating (heated beauty tools, electric toothbrushes) and three-prong plugs we recommend bringing an adaptor with voltage conversion.

What to pack:

Don't know what to bring? Don't worry. Click Here for a full checklist to print and refer to when packing for your all-inclusive vacation in Camaguey/Santa Lucia.

What to buy:

While coral itself cannot and should not be removed or treated as a souvenir, motifs or figures of coral make for a great souvenir of your stay in Santa Lucia.

Getting around:

Your local Sunwing Experiences representative will handle your airport transfers, providing you with round-trip transportation from the airport to your resort and back. To discover all the incredible things to do and see, Sunwing Experiences will take you on a range of exciting tours and excursions.

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