Worry Free - Terms & Conditions


Manulife Global Travel Insurance + Worry Free for Sunwing allows you to cancel or change your Sunwing holiday arrangements up to 3 hours prior to the time of your scheduled departure from Canada for any reason, except for no shows or “denied boarding”, on the day of departure. This PRE-DEPARTURE CANCELLATION & CHANGE clause cannot be used once you have departed from Canada. The Plan must be purchased on the day of booking. Name changes are not permitted. Only one change permitting a price differential is allowed. You must pay the difference if the price is higher and there is no refund if the price is lower. The cost for the plan is non-refundable. Subject to certain conditions, you’ll be compensated for the price of your vacation through a combination of future travel credits and/or partial refunds. The percentage of travel credits vs. refunds will vary depending on how far in advance of departure the trip is cancelled. The amount that is defined as the “non-refundable portion” under our cancellation terms will only be refunded in future travel credits. Please refer to the Schedule of Change and Cancellation Fees chart on page 337 of the Sunwing 2019/2020 winter brochure. This plan cannot be used to cancel or change your holiday plans to take advantage of a price reduction.

PLEASE NOTE, if the number of individuals occupying a room decreases, the remaining travellers will be responsible for any additional costs incurred as a result of a change in the per person occupancy rate.

Sunwing Vacations’ Travel Vouchers may be used like cash when purchasing a Sunwing Vacation, are valid for one year, are nonrefundable and non-transferable (issued only in the name of the passenger who cancelled) and may not be redeemed for cash. The Sunwing Vacations’ Pre-Departure Cancellation & Change Fee Waiver is not applicable for: groups of 12 or more people; non-refundable scheduled airline tickets or fees and non-refundable or nontransferable hotel promotions.


To make a change to your existing booking or to cancel your vacation prior to departure, CONTACT YOUR TRAVEL AGENT who will notify Sunwing Vacations. However, if you are requesting a cancellation outside regular business hours, and therefore cannot contact your travel agent, or if you booked online on sunwing.ca website, please call 1 866 388 9387. The Pre-Departure Cancellation & Change Fee Waiver Benefits of this coverage are provided by Sunwing Vacations.




Pre-Departure Cancellation & Change Fee Waiver… Up to trip cost


Manulife Global Travel Insurance + Worry Free for Sunwing

If you are a resident of Quebec, please review the Quebec Distribution Guide.

This certificate of insurance is underwritten by the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial) and First North American Insurance Company (a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife.)


You must be a Sunwing customer and pay the required premium to your Sunwing travel advisor before you leave home. You must buy coverage for the entire duration of your trip. Coverage must be purchased at the time you book your trip. If you are age 75 or older, you must also meet all of the Eligibility requirements stated on page 5 of the certificate of insurance.



Your insurance starts on your departure date.


Your insurance ends on the earliest of these dates:
a) the date you return home; or
b) when your trip ends or certificate of insurance expires, as shown on your travel confirmation; or
c) when the number of days of coverage you purchased expires.


Under Trip Interruption Insurance, we will automatically extend your coverage beyond the date you were scheduled to return home as per your confirmation: For up to ten (10) days, if you have a medical emergency that prevents you from returning home on the originally scheduled date; or for up to thirty (30) days, if you are hospitalized and that hospitalization prevents you from returning home on that date.



If your trip is interrupted due to a covered event listed in the certificate of insurance that occurs on or after the day you leave home, we will pay for the prepaid unused portion of your trip that is non-refundable and non-transferable to another travel date, less the prepaid unused transportation home. In addition, we will pay your additional and unplanned hotel and meal expenses, your essential phone calls and taxi fares to a maximum of up to $350 per day for up to two (2) days.

($700 maximum total benefit) when no earlier transportation arrangements are available; and/or we will pay your extra cost of one-way economy class fare via the most cost effective itinerary to your or your group’s next destination, or to return you home.

In the event your travel companion’s plane is delayed by weather conditions for at least 30% of your trip, and your travel companion decides not to go on the trip as booked, we will cover the cost of your next occupancy charge up to the value of your trip.


Emergency Medical Insurance covers you for the actual covered expenses, up to $5,000,000 CDN, incurred by you as a result of medical attention required by you during your trip if a medical condition begins unexpectedly after you leave home, but only if these covered expenses are not covered by your government health insurance plan or any other benefit plan. The medical attention must be required as part of your emergency treatment and ordered by a physician (or a dentist in the case of dental treatment).

Please note that if you do not call the Assistance Centre in an emergency, you will have to pay 25% of the eligible medical expenses we would normally pay under this certificate of insurance. If it is medically impossible for you to call, please have someone call on your behalf.


Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay Insurance covers the loss of, damage to, and delay of the baggage and effects that belong to you and that you use during your trip. More specifically, this insurance provides you with reimbursement for the following expenses:

  1. Up to $200 in total per trip for the replacement of a lost or stolen passport, driver’s license, birth certificate or travel visa.
  2. Up to $500 in total per trip for necessary toiletries and clothing when your checked luggage is delayed by the carrier for at least ten (10) hours while you are en route. This benefit is payable only when the delay happens before your return home.
  3. Up to $300 per trip for any item or set of items which is lost or damaged during your trip to a maximum of $1,500. Jewelry or cameras (including camera equipment) are respectively considered a single item.


For Flight Accident Insurance, the accident giving rise to your injury must happen:
a) while you are travelling on a commercial passenger plane for which a ticket was issued to you for your entire airline trip; or
b) if making a flight connection, while riding over land or water at the expense of the airline, riding in a limousine or bus provided by the airport authority, or in a scheduled helicopter shuttle service between airports; or
c) while you are at an airport for the departure or arrival of the flight covered by this insurance.


The required premium is due and payable at the time of purchase and will be determined according to the schedule of premium rates then in effect. Premium rates and certificate of insurance terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice to reflect actual experience in the marketplace.

Upon payment of premium, this document becomes a binding contract provided it is accompanied by a confirmation upon which a contract number appears and we have received your completed application prior to your departure date. If the premium is insufficient for the period of coverage selected, we will:

  1. Charge and collect any underpayment; or
  2. Shorten the certificate of insurance period by written endorsement if an underpayment in premium cannot be collected.

Coverage will be null and void if the premium is not received, if a cheque is not honoured for any reason, if credit card charges are invalid or if no proof of your payment exists.

This is an abbreviated description of the plan. For the plan’s complete Terms & Conditions, ask for the certificate of insurance which fully details the coverages, provisions, limitation and exclusions of the benefits offered and is available to you upon request, at any time prior to your purchase of the plan. For the plan's complete Terms & Conditions, the certificate of insurance fully details the coverage's, provisions, limitation and exclusions of the benefits offered, click here.