Not all airports have access to the internet, therefore in these cases the airport representative will have an employee in an internet-serviced zone enter the pertinent details into WorldTracer and provide you with the tracking number. You will receive a paper Property Irregularity Report (PIR) from the airport representative.

How to check the status of your delayed baggage using WorldTracer:
Turn off any pop-up blocking software you may have on your device before accessing the WorldTracer site. Click here to access the WorldTracer website and follow the instructions to check the status of your delayed baggage.

Please note the system does not allow us to respond directly to your comments.

Understanding your WorldTracer BAG STATUS:

Tracing continues - Please check later. This indicates that baggage handlers and airline agents are in the process of tracking your bag.

Item located - Airline confirming. This status indicates that your bag has been located and are either awaiting confirmation information or arranging for delivery to your location.

Forwarding to Delivery Airport - This status indicates that your baggage is being sent to the airport.

Received at airport - Delivery process initiated. This is the final status in WorldTracer which indicates that the bag has been received at its destination and that the airport agents have closed the file and are arranging delivery to your resort or your home. An airline representative will contact you to arrange delivery once the baggage has arrived at the destination.