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737 Aircrafts

Sunwing Airlines has recently added four new Boeing 737 aircraft to our expanding fleet, servicing gateways across Canada and the US. The exciting addition of these single-aisle airplanes offers customers exceptional performance, reliability and efficiency, while furthering our commitment to fuel efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. Design and technological innovation, as seen in the new winglets, engines and flight deck displays, has created a superior flying experience with added environmental and consumer benefits, including:

Maximum Innovation

  • Maximum Efficiency

    Optimized performance from LEAP-1B engines and Advanced Technology winglets with signifigant reduction in fuel use and CO2 emissions.

  • Maximum Reliability

    The careful design philosophy allows for increased and optimized flight time and less frequent delays due to maintenance inspections.

  • Maximum Passenger Appeal

    The passenger-preferred Boeing Sky Interior features modern-sculpted sidewalls and larger, pivoting overhead storage bins that provide an extra convenience and extra legroom.

Max plane

Aircraft Specs & Efficiencies

  • Reduced fuel use and CO2 emissions by at least 14%
  • LEAP - 1B engines
  • 6,570 km range (3,550 nautical miles)
  • 162 - 178 passengers (max 210 with additonal mid cabin exit)
Max side plane

A Better Way To Fly

  • 1 Hour more flight time per day
  • 12 additional seats
  • New winglets, engines and flight deck displays
  • 99.7% departure reliability
  • 8% less fuel & emissions
Max engine

737-800 Aircrafts

Sunwing Airlines is Canada’s youngest and most fuel efficient fleet - comprising over 40 Boeing 737-800 aircraft - the airline is proud to have one of the industry’s lowest cost bases. The carrier also stands out for being the first in the country to retrofit split-scimitar winglets to its entire fleet, contributing greatly to a reduction in its carbon footprint.

Boeing 737-800 aircraft

  • Most fuel-efficient airplane in its class
  • Engines - 2 CFM56-7B26
  • Cruise Speed - 530mph
  • Max Altitude - 41,000ft
  • Range - 3,721NM
  • Seats - 189 passengers
  • Configuration: 3 by 3 configuration
737-800 tail