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Passenger Care Commitment |

Passenger Care Commitment

At Sunwing Airlines, we understand that your vacation starts the moment you step on the plane. That's why we're committed to providing you with outstanding service throughout your flight experience. From take-off to landing, all passengers onboard Sunwing Airlines are treated to our award-winning inflight service featuring a host of perks.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, unforeseen factors may affect your journey with us. For this reason, we’d like to share our Passenger Care Commitment with you.

Our obligations to you during disruption

We make every effort to operate in line with our published scheduled. However, there are occasions however, when it is not possible to do so, and your travel experience may be disrupted.

This page informs you of a summary of your rights under the Canadian Air Passenger *Protection Regulations: SOR/2019-150, should this happen. This law is applicable to all passengers departing from or arriving into a Canadian airport. It is the operating carrier's responsibility to meet these requirements. This notification also explains how to claim compensation and refunds under this law if you experience a disruption on a flight operated by Sunwing Airlines.

Full information regarding the Canadian *Air Passenger Protection Regulations: SOR/2019-150 can be found by visiting the website of the Canadian Transportation Agency. For the purposes of this act, Sunwing Airlines is considered a “large Carrier”.

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