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Passenger Care Commitment |

  Passenger Care Commitment

Sunwing Airlines understands that your vacation starts the moment you step on the plane. That's why we're committed to providing you with outstanding service throughout your flight experience. From take-off to landing, all passengers onboard Sunwing Airlines are treated to our award-winning inflight service featuring a host of perks. Sunwing Airlines also understands that sometimes unexpected things can happen before you leave on your flight. An expansive insurance program and the Passenger Care Commitment can help manage your expectations when there are changes in your itinerary and scheduled travel plans. We are committed to ensuring you have a seamless experience from take-off to landing, and that is why we have implemented a program that offers you reassurance that we have you, our valued passengers, in mind every step of the way.

Delayed or cancelled flights

Sunwing Airlines apologizes for any inconvenience caused by your delayed or cancelled flight. We understand how disappointing a delay can be and will always do our best to prevent or minimize a delay and will only cancel a flight if we absolutely have to.

To help us provide you with better service and on-time departures, we recommend that you check-in at the airline check-in counter three hours prior to your scheduled departure. However, you must check-in prior to the cut-off time which is one hour prior to scheduled departure and be available for boarding at the boarding gate by the deadline shown on your boarding pass. Failure to meet the applicable deadlines may result in the re-assignment of advance seats, cancellation of reservations and denied boarding, and ineligibility for denied boarding compensation.

In the event that we need to advise you of any flight changes prior to your departure from Canada, we require that either you or your Travel Agent provide us with your contact telephone. If you have purchased a flight only with Sunwing Airlines it is your responsibility to advise your Travel Agent or Sunwing Airlines of a telephone number at your destination where you may be contacted in the event that a flight delay or flight change occurs.

We also strongly recommend that you sign up for flight alerts by clicking here.

Other Helpful Resources

Canadian Transportation Agency
If you would like to learn more about your rights as a traveller, please contact the Canadian Transportation Agency.

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