Corsair International Optional Services

For further information, please contact your travel agent or our Sales Centre at 1-877-SUNWING


Making a booking
Booking on complimentary
Booking with the Sales Centre 1-877-SUNWING complimentary
Changing an Air Only booking
Changes can be made prior to departure with the exception of Class X, F and S. No changes to classes are permitted.
  • All classes except Class X, F and S: $100.00 per change plus the difference in air fare if rate is higher.
  • Class X, F and S: No changes permitted.
Name changes are not considered “changes” and are governed by the Cancellation terms.


Business Class (Grande Large)
Receive the following extra services (when booking class – J,D,C,I,Z) complimentary
  • Advance Seat Selection
  • Extra leg room (46 inch seat pitch) seats that recline to 126°
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Lounge access
  • Choice of gourmet meals with wine and soft drinks
  • 2 pieces of checked baggage, maximum weight per piece of 32kg
Economy (Horizon)
29 inch seat pitch that recline 105°
Advance Seat Selection
Regular seats Complementary seat selection, except for X N F S A booking class, charge $20 per person, per segment.
Emergency row seats $80 per flight
Individual touch screens at each seat complimentary
Personal headset complimentary
Food and Beverages
Soft drinks complimentary
Hot tea and coffee complimentary
Hot meal with wine or beer complimentary
Sparkling wine € 9.00
Other alcoholic beverages € 3.00
Unaccompanied Minors
Age 4-11 years accepted in classes Y,B,M,U,K,H,O at the child rate plus an additional $50.00 per leg.


Carry-on baggage
One piece of carry-on baggage
Max weight 12 kg*, max dimensions 55x40x20 cm
*Business Class (Grande Large) passengers also receive a 18kg limit
Checked baggage
One piece checked bag
Max weight 23kg*, max dimensions 158 cm (height +length + width)
*Business Class (Grande Large) passengers receive a 32kg limit
Sporting equipment, musical instruments etc. is considered Excess baggage. Except Golf club bag and diving equipment, free of charge, max 20 kg extra bag.
*Business Class (Grande Large) passengers are allowed 2 pieces.
NB In line with International standards for baggage handling, the maximum weight of any one piece is 32kg, and the maximum combined dimensions cannot exceed 158cm.