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Hotel spas in Panama
Enjoy the peace and tranquility of a Panama spa. Rejuvenate and refresh with world-class amenities. Indoors or outdoors you can enjoy an invigorating soak in the hot tub or have a massage. Contact your Sunwing representative for a comprehensive listing of Panama spas.
Hotel spas in Panama
Select spa packages in View results A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z
Dreams Delight Playa Bonita Panama
Star rating
Dreams Delight Playa Bonita Panama - Weddings in Panama
Destination: Panama View map View more info
Location: Beachfront
Property Amenities : • 310 Room(s) • 1 Building(s) • 3 Pool(s) • Medical services ($) • 6 Restaurant(s) • 4 Bar(s) ... View more info
Available spa packages in Panama at Dreams Delight Playa Bonita Panama
A Touch of Perfection
Spas in Panama
Rejuvenate your skin with a luminous “C and sea” facial, a treatment designed to reduce fine lines and revitalize your total appearance. After that, restore your mind, body and spirit with an intensifying seaweed wrap, a treatment containing natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that detoxify and nourish your body. Finish with a neck, shoulder and upper back tension massage that releases any remaining stress.
Absolute Serenity
Spas in Panama
Brings back the natural balance of your skin with the lily wrap, a repairing therapy consisting of natural floral ingredients and the energizing properties of green tea. Protect your face from excess sun damage by toning your skin with an after-sun facial. Then, dissolve away tension knots caused by daily stress with a therapeutic deep tissue massage.
State of Bliss
Spas in Panama
Take time to indulge. Treat your skin to a European facial designed to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. Complete your treatment by pampering yourself with a manicure and pedicure.
Romance in Paradise
Spas in Panama
This luxury package for two begins with the simplicity and efficiency of old world European facials that cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. Followed by Swedish massages that moisturize your bodies with natural oils. This invigorating experience will release tension, reduce stress and any muscular discomfort.
See more
Gamboa Rainforest Resort
Gamboa Town, Colon Province, Panama,
Star rating
Gamboa Rainforest Resort- Weddings in Panama
Destination: Panama View map View more info
Location: Secluded
Property Amenities : • 200 Room(s) • 2 Pool(s) • Medical centre ($) (nearby) • Air-conditioned fitness facilities • Children's section in main pool • 3 Restaurant(s) • 2 Bar(s) ... View more info
Available spa packages in Panama at Gamboa Rainforest Resort
Winetherapy Bathtubs
Spas in Panama
Clay or Seaweed corporal mask
Spas in Panama
Atlantic Experience
Spas in Panama
• Steam or sauna bath
• Swedish massage (30 min.)
• Relaxing facial mask
• Hand and feet paraffin treatment
Exotic Chagres
Spas in Panama
• Steam bath
• Corporal exfoliation
• Bath with sea salt and essential oils
• Relaxing massage (30 min.)
• Facial relaxing mask
• Hand and feet treatment
Bride's Dream
Spas in Panama
• Chocotherapy
• Cleopatra bath
• Swedish massage
• Snack
• Relaxing facial mask
• Hand and feet paraffin
Hot Stone Therapy
Spas in Panama
Cleopatra Bath
Spas in Panama
Spas in Panama
• Steam bath
• Corporal clay mask
• Relaxing facial mask
• Hand and feet paraffin treatment
Choco corporal treatment
Spas in Panama
Sea salt body exfoliation
Spas in Panama
Milk and oat body exfoliation
Spas in Panama
Coconut and almond body exfoliation
Spas in Panama
Honey massage
Spas in Panama
Feet reflexology & exfoliation
Spas in Panama
Body treatment
Spas in Panama
Includes the following:
• Steam
• Sea salt body exfoliation
• Corporal clay mask with thermal blanket
• Corporal lifting lotion of seaweed
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Intercontinental Playa Bonita Resort and Spa
Carretera Veracruz Km. 7 Distrito de Arraijan, Panama, Panama
Star rating
Intercontinental Playa Bonita Resort and Spa- Weddings in Panama
Destination: Panama View map View more info
Area: Unspoilt beachfront
Location: 40 minutes from Panama International Airport
Property Amenities : • 302 Room(s) • 1 Building(s) • 3 Pool(s) • Air-conditioned fitness facilities • Children's section in main pool • Kids Club • 3 Restaurant(s) • 2 Bar(s) ... View more info
Available spa packages in Panama at Intercontinental Playa Bonita Resort and Spa
Hydrating Facial with Katafray
Spas in Panama
Common to dry regions, the Katafray tree has the ability to retain water. Its extracts help boost skin’s natural moisturizing mechanisms. Skin is toned, soft and feels more comfortable.
Totally Gentle Facial with Christophine
Spas in Panama
The christophine plant chosen for its skin softening benefits.
Emergency skin care to soothe, renew and improve the resistance of sensitive skin
Anti-Edge Lift Facial with Hops
Spas in Panama
Hop extracts deliver firming and revitalizing benefits. For smoother, firmer skin and a younger-looking you.
Radiant and Pure Facial with Tanaka Powder (Normal to Oily Skin)
Spas in Panama
The powders extracted from the Tanaka tree, originally from Burma, deliver powerful skin purifying benefits. Ensures refined skin and a brighter complexion.
Conturing Body Treatment with Uncaria Tomentosa
Spas in Panama
Uncaria tomentosa limits the formation of excess stored fat and encourages its release. Expert body streamlining treatment to define and refine body contours. Delivers a unique feeling of well-being.
Firming Body Treatment with Sage Extract
Spas in Panama
Sage extract delivers immediate and long-lasting skin tightening benefits. Ideal age-control treatment for a redefined silhouette, younger-looking, firmer body contours and softer, more toned skin.
Relaxing Massage
Spas in Panama
Well-Being Massage with the Clarins « Relax » Oil, enveloping movements to fight against the stress and to melt away tensions.
Exfoliating Body Treatment with Bamboo Powder
Spas in Panama
Bamboo Powders chosen for their excess fluid elimination and purifying benefits.
Ideal exfoliation to restore soft skin and improve its resistance.
Mother to Be Body Treatment, with 100% Pure Plant Oils
Spas in Panama
Preventative treatment that prepares the body for the changes during pregnancy.
It helps to prepare the skin to support the distension and prevents stretch marks
Facial Treatment with Bison Grass
Spas in Panama
Bison Grass chosen for its energizing action. Delivers tone, firmness and a healthy glow.
Features are more relaxed.
Hot Stone Massage
Spas in Panama
A specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles release.
Tired Legs Massage
Spas in Panama
Upward massage strokes and fast friction rubs to relax the large leg muscles and help the blood flow back up against the pull of gravity.
Face and Scalp Massage
Spas in Panama
Relax, calm anxiety, make headaches go away, and even give you more energy.
Spas in Panama
A therapy focused on wellness, rather than sickness or conditions.
Help the body restore and enhance its natural ability to heal itself.
Spas in Panama
One complimentary treatment that is beneficial for everyone and especially for people suffering from muscle, joint and circulation problems.
Thai Massage
Spas in Panama
An ancient art of body therapy for healing, health, and transformation based on ayurvedic medicine.
Spas in Panama
An Oriental ceremony for body care involving a cleansing seaweed soap shower, medicinal muds, and an invigorating herbal steam bath.
Steam Bath with Aromatherapy
Spas in Panama
Breathe deep and soak in the benefits of penetrating steam. The warm steam combined with eucalyptus oil result in a therapeutic and heavenly relaxation, dilating blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation, eliminating toxins while hydrating and toning the skin
Finnish Sauna
Spas in Panama
Enjoy the health benefits of a classic dry-heat sauna environment that promotes increased circulation, relaxes muscles and soothes aches.
Hydrotherapy Pools and Tubs
Spas in Panama
Hydro Massage pools & tubs providing gentle massage and deep relaxation.
Spa Hours of Operation
Spas in Panama
08:00 - 20:00
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The Westin Playa Bonita
Km 6 Camino a Veracruz, Panama City, Panama, Republic of Panama
Star rating
The Westin Playa Bonita- Weddings in Panama
Destination: Panama View map View more info
Area: Located on Playa Bonita beach offering magnificent Pacific Ocean Views.
Property Amenities : • 611 Room(s) • 2 Building(s) • 5 Pool(s) • Kids Club • 5 Restaurant(s) • 3 Bar(s) ... View more info
Available spa packages in Panama at The Westin Playa Bonita
Heavenly Spa by Westin Massage
Spas in Panama
A heated compress invites back muscles to relax and ease before your choice of essential oil blends is massaged onto your body.
Relaxation comes from the harmonious balance of scent and touch.
Spas in Panama
Pure, perfectly round crystals are heated and rolled over the body for a deeply penetrating massage that's utterly calming and completely absorbing.
Heavenly Body
Spas in Panama
The profound effects of kamani oil, walnut extract, orange and juniper in our powerful serum and rich body cream provide an antidote to the stresses of today, promote cellular restoration and provide environmental protection for the skin
Heavenly Hands & Feet
Spas in Panama
Select the aromatherapy blend that suits your mood and indulge in complete relaxation. A warm coating of paraffin will soothe and soften the skin while a therapist massages your temples and ears and your escape is complete
Spas in Panama
Created expressly to purify the skin, natural cleansing elements such as propolis and marine extracts leave you fresh-faced and radiant.
Spas in Panama
Deep moisture and rich nourishment culled from essential anti-oxidants and vitamins counter signs of aging and neutralize environmental stress on the skin.
Spas in Panama
Completely customized care for men that leaves the face thoroughly cleansed, deeply hydrated and protected.
Spas in Panama
Add these enhancements to any facial treatment to customize your treatment to your desires.

(These enhancements do not add additional time onto your service.)
Heavenly Hands
Spas in Panama
Express yourself with a moisturizing paraffin treatment for your hands.
Spas in Panama
An eye treatment that lets your own youthful radiance shine through.
Spas in Panama
A mini-facial for your lips: scrub, mask and moisturize.
See more
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