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Articles on Santo Domingo-Reversing the Hourglass on Dominican Beaches
Articles on
Articles on Santo Domingo-Reversing the Hourglass on Dominican
Beaches Reversing the Hourglass on Dominican Beaches
Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic has been stunning visitors with its golden sandy beaches and shorelines since its first tourist Christopher Columbus in 1492.

When Columbus first spotted the coral-rimmed Dominican Republic, he proclaimed, This is the fairest land under Heaven. In order to maintain their reputation the Dominican Republic has invested US$19 million to improve 14 kilometres of beaches by depositing 1.4 million cubic metres of sand and purifying polluted areas.

Super fine white sand sprinkled with coconut palm trees line the east coast while golden sand defines the beaches of the north coast. Some areas are populated with resorts featuring a full array of watersports, food vendors, people watching and other activities.
While others take visitors to another world of pristine tranquility with peaceful, uninhabited beaches. Here, the only intrusions are a towering coconut palm and the swaying breeze.

The beaches in the Dominican Republic are widely celebrated as being among the worlds best, with both Juan Dolio and Puerto Plata boasting prize-worthy mention. Both beaches have been rejuvenated as part of the beach regeneration project, leaving them more beautiful than ever.

Juan Dolio is a small town built along a stretch of shoreline on the south central coast of the island and neighbours the beach town of Guayacanes. It is a serene and quiet destination, ideal for those travellers looking for an escape with the comforts of home.

The comforts of sun, sea, and sand, offer an exciting and unique cultural experience that is sure to captivate the senses. The Dominican Republic is a tapestry of Spanish, French, Haitian, and African influences woven by a rich and storied history, making it a destination like no other - a feast of dazzling landscapes, exotic cuisine, and a remarkable variety of arts and entertainment options. The pulse-pounding thrill of the merengue, intriguing relics from centuries past, premium cigars, and even world-class baseball await you. The Dominican Republic is a surprising place that will delight even the most experienced traveller.

The beaches of Juan Dolio are stunning and clean; ideal for visitors who want to spend a day soaking up some rays on a peaceful beach, scuba dive or explore the area on one of the many excursion opportunities. The area is safe and great place for walking, jogging or cycling. Located only a short distance from the cultural centre of Santo Domingo, with shopping, dining and great nightlife, Juan Dolio offers guests the perfect balance of activity and relaxations.

Puerto Plata, an area renowned for pristine beaches with a breathtaking mountain backdrop, is located on the north coast of the island of the Dominican Republic, just west of Puerto Rico. The north coast is a beautifully scenic area with golden sand beaches and a plethora of delicious restaurants with traditional dishes to sample. Visitors will be swept into this colourful, passionate culture by the view, tastes, and music so prevalent in the area. If exploration off the beaten path interests you, fluency in Spanish isnt necessary: a kind gesture or smile will take you far.

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