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Costa Rica travel guide
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Costa Rica
Costa Rica means "rich coast" and a more suitable title would be hard to find, particularly as it relates to the country’s excessive wealth and abundance in natural beauty. Bordered on its eastern coast by the sparkling sapphire seas and natural coral reefs of the Caribbean and on the west by the vast, calm waters of the Pacific, the entire country is blessed with vast network of beaches and coves.
The new international airport in Liberia has opened up the huge province of Guanacaste, with its 300 km of warm Pacific shoreline and 70 beaches, to a wider audience.
The Gulf of Papagayo is home to many of the province’s finest beaches including Playas del Coco; this was one of the first tourist areas of Guanacaste province and as a result, many bars, cafes and restaurants maintain a true Costa Rican feel to them. This area also remains a relatively busy fishing port, which contributes to its authentic feel.
Other beaches are Playa Hermosa, "beautiful beach", stretching 1.5 km and well shaded, it’s sheltered by a bay and the water is quite calm; Playa Panama, is a secluded cove surrounded by shade-giving trees; Playa Flamingo is a long ribbon of white sand beach; Playa Tamarindo is a perennial mecca for surfers.
It would be impossible to list all of the many natural riches that bless this country. Most noteworthy is the Parque Nacional Arenal, anchored by a superb, classic-looking cone shaped volcano which remains active. From the Mirador observation point you can experience the powerful strength of this mighty crater as the earth rumbles under foot and you observe great surges of lava flowing from its peak.
The Monteverde Nature Reserve is unique in that it allows tourists to hike its trails and experience the splendor of this thick tropical rainforest, but retains its ecological integrity by strictly limiting the number of visitors each day.

Some hotels have smoking restrictions and designated areas have been assigned at some hotels.

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Coco Beach Hotel - TABNAME
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Coco Beach Hotel
Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 7 Days - Continental Plan
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Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa - TABNAME
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Toronto to Liberia
Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa
Thursday, May 07, 2015 - 7 Days - Breakfast Plan
Reg $1115
+ taxes $365
Tamarindo Diria - TABNAME
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Toronto to Liberia
Tamarindo Diria
Thursday, May 07, 2015 - 7 Days - Breakfast Plan
Reg $1175
+ taxes $365
Villas Sol Hotel and Beach Resort - TABNAME
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Toronto to Liberia
Villas Sol Hotel and Beach Resort
Thursday, May 07, 2015 - 7 Days - All inclusive
Reg $1245
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Barcelo Langosta Beach - TABNAME
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Toronto to Liberia
Barcelo Langosta Beach
Thursday, May 07, 2015 - 7 Days - All inclusive
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DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Central Pacific - TABNAME
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Toronto to Liberia
DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Central Pacific
Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 7 Days - All inclusive
Reg $1405
+ taxes $365
Things to do in Costa Rica
Getting married in Costa Rica Attractions in Costa Rica
Getting married in Costa Rica
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Shopping in Costa Rica
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Costa Rica travel tips
Costa Rica  travel tips
Language spoken in Costa Rica
Spanish. English widely spoken in most areas.
Currency and exchange used in Costa Rica
The Costa Rican Colon is the local currency, although US dollars is recommended. Most hotels have a money exchange office on site. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted credit cards. ATM's are not easy to find and the Cirrus system is not compatible everywhere.
Voltage in Costa Rica
110V (same as Canada and US)

Vacation packing checklist
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Costa Rica weather
Weather in Costa Rica
The average temperature in Costa Rica is 22 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit) with seasonal fluctuations of 4 – 6 degrees depending on the month. While on vacation in Costa Rica, most months of the year visitors should pack clothes for swimming and warm weather. For December and January some nights may require a light garment. While the average temperature in Costa Rica makes this an ideal vacation destination we recommend that you apply plenty of sunscreen, drink lots of water and relax.
Avg. J F M A M J J A S O N D
High 33.0°C 34.0°C 35.0°C 36.0°C 34.0°C 32.0°C 32.0°C 32.0°C 31.0°C 31.0°C 31.0°C 32.0°C
92.0°F 93.0°F 95.0°F 96.0°F 93.0°F 89.0°F 89.0°F 89.0°F 88.0°F 88.0°F 88.0°F 90.0°F
Low 20.0°C 21.0°C 21.0°C 23.0°C 23.0°C 23.0°C 23.0°C 22.0°C 22.0°C 22.0°C 21.0°C 20.0°C
68.0°F 70.0°F 70.0°F 73.0°F 74.0°F 73.0°F 73.0°F 72.0°F 72.0°F 72.0°F 70.0°F 68.0°F

Traveling to Costa Rica
While on vacation in Costa Rica
Sunwing suggests the recommendations below while traveling on vacation to Costa Rica to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Documents required to visit Costa Rica
Documents needed to visit Costa Rica
Canadian Citizens please click here
Non-Canadian citizens please contact the Costa Rica consulate or embassy for information.
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